TM1 Training
The purpose of this website is to provide you a user friendly tm1 training environment so that you can easily find answers to any TM1 related topics. The training courses consist of a series of short video clip to demonstrate how to perform a specific TM1 task step by step in full details.
It is catered for the following groups:
  • TM1 End User – How to use TM1 for various tasks, such as creating a new subset
  • TM1 Developer – How to develop TM1 applications, such as creating a cube
  • TM1 Administrator – How to manage TM1 applications, such as restarting TM1 service
It is maintained by a group of TM1 specialists with mixed finance and IT background from both large organizations and consulting firms. They are well experienced in large scale TM1 implementation across various industries, such as banking, utilities, insurance, property, government, retail and so on.
Your feedback is welcome. We can then make continuous improvement to provide you better services.
A demo of training session is available here: